Anya Meets … Liudmila Konovalova / 2016-05-23

Anya Meets … Liudmila Konovalova

I have always taken inspiration from ballet. I did it as a young girl growing up in Riga and have always loved the grace and poise of its movements. I’m still a big fan so it was a real treat for me to be able to ask the amazing Liudmila Konovalova – current prima ballerina of the Vienna State Ballet, graduate of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and proud Muscovite – some questions about her style and tastes in Fashion.

Liudmila is one of the stars of world ballet.  So far in her career, she has danced as a soloist and principal for the Russian State Ballet, Berlin State Ballet and of course the Vienna State Ballet and has toured Europe, North America, South America and Asia performing the lead roles in “Giselle”, “Don Quixote”, “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Nutcracker” and all the other major ballets.  Earlier this year, she performed at the Coliseum in London with Matthew Golding, the principal of the Royal Ballet. Together, they danced the Black Swan pas de deux from “Swan Lake” at a stunning gala tribute to legendary Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, who herself guided and oversaw Liudmila’s ballet career. Prince and Princess Michael of Kent were among those watching the tribute.

So away from the stage, how does Liudmila like to dress, and what are her favourite brands?  Read on…

AS – How would you describe your personal style?

LK – I would say I have a young modern style.  Elegant but also sporty sometimes, depending on the situation and the occasion.

AS – Who or what have been the major influences on your style?

LK – There are many.  Maria Callas, with her elegant and feminine style, is a big influence. It really depends on the mood I am feeling at any one time.

AS – What are your favourite clothing brands? ‎

LK – Chanel.  You have to love it.  Chanel is Chanel!  I also love Valentino – his clothes are so feminine and elegant.  I have several dresses from him.  Dresses are my passion!  I don’t think I could live without them and I always buy them whenever I can.  Marc Jacobs pieces are young and cool.  As for more niche designers, about a year ago I found out about an Austrian designer called Elfenkleid and now I have a dress called ‘Blossom’, which is very romantic, soft and feminine and a few days ago I got to wear dresses from Russian designer Alena Akhmadullina and really fell in love with them.

AS – What are your favourite handbag brands? ‎

LK – Gucci, Ferragamo and Chanel.  They are always the perfect accessory.  Oh, I love your Luxury Modern Extravaganza in Powder Pink and Taupe!

AS – What do you think makes a perfect handbag?

LK – Quality of material and the possibility of combining it easily with whatever you’re wearing.  The handbag makes your outfit perfect.

AS – What’s the best handbag you’ve ever had?

LK – My Marc Jacobs.  It always travels with me around the world!

AS – Do you have different handbags for different occasions?

LK – Yes, sure.  For casual and for travelling, Marc Jacobs is very comfortable and fits with everything, plus you can put a lot inside.  Then for cocktails, small parties, the theatre or operas, I have small bags from Chanel or Gucci – or Ferragamo, which is very elegant and special.  For the big events like red carpet, balls and so on, I like a small, shiny Swarovski bag.

AS – What are the luxury items that you can’t live without?

LK – I need my Tiffany jewels and my shiny Jimmy Choo shoes…..and my necklace with my personal talisman which I always wear – I believe it protects me!